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I am here to offer you an alternative approach to healing which follows the path of the mystic. I aim to expand our community of people who are waking up and consciously aware of how their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects are interwoven into our human experience. I believe our realities are ultimately a mirror of what is within us all, and by looking into our behaviours and surroundings we can start to shine the light on our path and empower ourselves into leading a life of purpose. Guided by spirit and the natural world we can become the master weavers of our own realities, I am here to be of service to you and walk with you on that journey.

how we can help:

mental health

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, paranoia, traumas such as post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia, anorexia, self-harming behavior, bereavement and grief.


  • Divorce, infidelity, domestic violence, sexual intimacy, communication problems, parenting issues, anger management.


  • Physical addictions such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, excessive food consumption, sex, compulsive exercise and medication.
  • Psychological addictions including shopping, internet, gambling, video games and pornography


  • Female conditions (fertility, menopause, etc.), support with chronic or terminal illness, persistent medical conditions such as migraine /headaches, insomnia, immune system disorders, back problems, digestive disorders, heart conditions, chronic fatigue.
Infinity Healing

healing your inner child

four week online course

We each have our own history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our inner child has stored those memories, and their impact upon us.

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