why retreat?

It’s 4 am. You wake from a fitful sleep and try to shake off the night’s dreams, like cobwebs hanging from the dark corners of your mind—an empty bed, no money, children pulling you in every direction—the echo of the night still playing on your muscles, your brain, the ghost of fear it left behind. Then that familiar longing rises, the one that grips your chest right where your heart empties into your stomach. It burns to be heard. You know this feeling—the pang of unfulfilled potential, your reason for being here drifting further away with every passing year. The dreams growing dimmer each night, covered with the blanket of responsibility. Yesterday, the long hours of work, errands, crammed hours of responsibility, left nothing for you. Nothing for hope. Nothing for your inner child to feed on.


We’ve all had nights like this. And days of sleepwalking through our lives, never really connecting to our soul, our raison d’être. Many religions talk of our purpose, our reason for being here, a singular goal of our manifestation on this earth as a way to fulfill our potential. We each have a part to play in the unfolding universe, our authentic self that strives to live in this maddening, responsible world. This authentic self lies buried beneath the stones we mount upon it every day—the responsibilities, the daily routines that sap our energy and leave nothing for creativity, for self-nurture, for life essence to flow. We are all guilty of pushing ourselves too far, on occasion, and failing to nurture our inner child. Without hope, we are numb beings in the world, covered with stones of our own making. Stones we can lift with the power of self-awareness and discovery. And time away from responsibility. Your inner child deserves it.


Every time you take a flight on an aeroplane, the stewardess reminds you that, in a crisis, you need to pull down your own oxygen mask before you help your child. Why wouldn’t you do the same in your life for those who depend on you? Indeed for your own inner child? You need to be stable before you can help anyone else. Especially if there are many who depend on you.


For me, taking time out—retreating—allows me to reconnect with my inner self. Even the word reminds us that we have to focus on slowing down, taking a step back and reflecting on what next step to take to re-balance our world. Being busy and working full time doesn’t allow time to self reflect and discover who we really are. Retreating isn’t running away, it’s stepping back to reconnect with the plan—whatever your plan is. And if you don’t already have one, it offers the time and place to create a plan for your life, and your inner child’s.


Retreats with Infinity Healing give you the opportunity to nurture yourself, to gift yourself with time, love and acceptance. A space to learn that everything we experience is the result of our understanding of our reality, which we can change. Using gentle practices such as yoga, meditation and sounds, we help you to soften, allowing your masks to be taken down and all the coping mechanisms that you have created to be put aside. To remove the stones, one by one. Only when we expose ourselves to the raw vulnerability of ourselves do we allow our inner spirit to manifest. The retreat is a safe space, held with love and compassion. When you allow yourself to be exposed here, we work on your energy, what dreams and power lies hidden, and what needs to be healed to allow your strength to emerge.


Retreat is an active word, an active verb that requires movement. Action. One step in the right direction is sometimes a step back. Details of upcoming retreats