New Moon Women's Circle

The Moon Lodge is simply a gathering of women that occurs at the new moon when girls and women are most in need of support, rest and reflection. A timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures it serves as a regular forum for empowering one’s feminine sense of self-hood.

Welcome to your Womanhood

Traditionally, girls would start attending a moon lodge when their bodies started to cycle with the moon. It was here they would learn about their fertility cycles and every facet of being a woman. This was known as Women’s Lore, Women’s Mysteries or Secret Women’s Business … (the information not covered by school sex education, teen mags or the Girl Guide association!) In a nutshell, it gifts girls a mystical understanding of their womanhood. Including the effect of the lunar and seasonal cycles on women’s emotions, energy levels and psychological well being, as well as how to balance those cycles for greater harmony. This secret knowledge then engendered empowerment as women learned the value of their bodies as physical temples and learned to set personal boundaries accordingly. Each gathering is about releasing the stress of the past month and building support among the group. Within the ceremony, we care for one another and care for ourselves with healing, song, meditation, storytelling, council, quiet rest, herbs, teas and sharing together. We care for ourselves in learning more about our bodies, our ways of dealing with overcoming stress and learning to be more gentle with ourselves. The circles are held every month as follow the astrological calendar April through to March. Attendees are also invited to bring along some nourishing food to share with other attendees. (Please feel free to contribute in whichever way you feel, do not feel pressured to bring anything if you cannot. Bringing your gifts and energy to this circle of acceptance and understanding is the most precious gift of all)